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Space Education/APRSAF-16 Side Events Report

APRSAF-16 Side Events
5th APRSAF Water Rocket Event
National Science Museum,Thailand

    • Organized annually since 2005
    • For students btwn. 12 and 16 years old
    • Hosted by the National Science Museum, Thailand
    • Teachers & Leaders Seminar on 23 January
    • Launch Competition on 24 January
    • 1st place: Mr. Saringkan Thongthae (Thailand)
    • Participants: 53 students and 23 teachers from 15 countries, incld. Colombia and Ecuador

Result of APRSAF-16 Water Rocket Event

“Program” and “Presentations by Lecturers, Teachers, Leaders and Students on Jan. 23”

APRSAF-16 Side Events
4th APRSAF Poster Contest

    • Organized annually since 2006
    • For students btwn. 8 and 11 years old
    • Theme for 4th Poster contest: “Our Universe - Great Discoveries”.
    • 28 posters submitted by 10 countries
    • APRSAF Best Poster Award:
    • Ms.Amanda Rizqi Nursidin(Indonesia)
    • APRSAF Special Poster Award: Ms.Madihah Zahirah(Malaysia)
    • Mr.Thanaphol Sopha(Thailand)


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