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Vietnam establishes Space Technology Institute - April 3, 2007

Established under Government's decision, the Space Technology Institute (STI) was inaugurated on April 3, 2007. The institute, belonging to the Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology (VAST), was made to become the nation's leading research center for space technology, especially for developing satellite technology, researching and manufacturing space-related equipment, remote sensing technology, remote sensing applications and space dynamics. Dr. Pham Anh Tuan, Vice Director of STI, mentioned at the STI opening ceremony that "Vietnam has early recognized the significance of science and technology. In July 1980, the first Vietnamese astronaut Pham Tuan has taken part in a cosmic flight and carried out scientific experiments in outer space. In recent years, many science and space technology achievements have been applied in our country, especially in communication, hydrometeorology, remote sensing, and GPS. In order to promote the space technology applications to our sustainable socio-economic development, in June 2006, our Prime Minister has approved "Strategy for space technology research and application by 2020" and in November 20, 2006, Prime Minister signed to establish the STI. On implementation of the Strategy, the VAST President Dr. Dang Vu Minh has signed to define the STI functions, mission, policy and organization. For such reasons, STI is very happy to hold this opening ceremony."


1. Introduction

Established under Government's decision No. 1549/Q?-TTg on the 20th November, 2006, Space Technology Institute is the national research institute on space technology belonging to Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology. The functions of Space Technology Institute are to research basic issues related to space science and technology, research and develop small satellite technology, plan and carry out national science-technology program on space technology as well as the state laboratory for space technology.

2. Functions

    *Research and develop space science and technology in order to master small satellite technology, toward self-designing and assembling small satellites. Apply space science and technology to reality, providing the added services in space technology.
    *Build infrastructure for space technology research and application: laboratories and space technology experiment units, Earth observation satellite, ground stations, etc.
    *Consult state-owned agencies on space technology applications and development policy, legal issues in space usage, playing the role of permanent office serving specialized tasks to Vietnam Space Commission. Provide information on space technology application and development for management and the requirement of manufacturing, service.
    *Educate post-graduated staff, participate in training at universities and propagate space technology knowledge.
    *International Cooperation on space science and technology.

3. Organisation


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