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News Mails - 2011

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News Mail -No. 082 May/31/2011

1. News on APRSAF
- APRSAF-18 flyer available

2. Workshop on Climate Regional Readiness Review (Climate R3)

3. ALOS operations complete

4. Resourcesat-2 sends high quality images

5. Event Calendar

1. News on APRSAF
- APRSAF-18 flyer available
A promotional flyer on APRSAF-18 is now available and can be downloaded from our website. Please use the flyer for any advertisements of APRSAF-18.

To download the flyer, please visit the following website:

2. Workshop on Climate Regional Readiness Review (Climate R3)
APRSAF's Regional Readiness Review for Key Climate Missions (Climate R3) was a significant outcome of the APRSAF-17 meeting in Melbourne in late 2010. The objective of Climate R3 are as follows: (1) to determine the ability of APRSAF countries and institutions to benefit from the data and information that will be provided by climate-related satellite missions in coming years and (2) to create awareness of the benefits of these missions and their expected in-country applications for APRSAF governments and societies.

A workshop will be held in Sydney, Australia, on July 18-20 to evaluate the R3 coordination process, with a discussion focused on the applications for the pilot topics of land cover, soil moisture, and precipitation. The workshop will aim to bring together current and prospective data users from the region, as well as the data supply agencies including GISTDA, ISRO, JAXA, USGS, ESA, and NASA. The outcomes of the workshop will be available in a report to APRSAF-18.

For further information about the workshop, please visit the following

3. ALOS operations complete
The Japanese Advanced Land Observing Satellite, ALOS, nicknamed "DAICHI," completed its operations on May 12. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) had been trying to communicate with the satellite for about three weeks after detecting an anomaly in the satellite's power generation on April 22. JAXA, however, found that it was impossible to recover communication with the satellite and sent a command from the ground to complete ALOS operations on May 12.

ALOS, launched on January 24, 2006, had been operated for over five years, which was its target life and well beyond its design life of three years. It achieved many useful results related to earth observations.

For further information, please visit the following websites:
- JAXA Press Release:
- ALOS Research and Application Project

4. Resourcesat-2 sends high-quality images
On April 28, 2011, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) announced that India's earth observation satellite, Resourcesat-2, had acquired its first images and sent high-quality data to the Shadnagar Earth Station of ISRO's National Remote Sensing Centre.

Resourcesat-2 was launched by PSLV-C16 on April 20, 2011, along with the Indo-Russian satellite Youthsat and the Singaporean satellite X-Sat, which were successfully launched into their orbit.

ISRO Press Release:

5. Event Calendar
- Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space: 2011, Fifty-fourth session
(1-10 June 2011, Vienna, Austria)

- The 28th International Symposium on Space Technology and Science
(5-12 June 2011, Okinawa, Japan)

- IISL-ISIL International Conference on the Law of Outer Space
(6-7 June 2011, Jakarta, Indonesia)

- 10th International Space Conference on "Protection of Materials and Structures from the Space Environment"(ICPMSE-10J)
(12-17 June 2011, Okinawa, Japan)

- The 22nd International Communications and Information Technology Exhibition & Conference (Communic Asia 2011)
(21-24 June 2011, Singapore)

- 2011 International Conference on Space Science and Communication (IconSpace2011)
(12-13 July 2011, Pahang, Malaysia)

- 2011 IEEE International Symposium on Geoscience and Remote Sensing (IGARSS 2011)
(25-29 July 2011, Vancouver, Canada)

- Conference on Remote Sensing, Natural Hazards and Environmental Change
(28-29 July 2011, Singapore)

- Pacific Islands GIS&RS User Conference
(22-25 November 2011, Suva, Fiji)


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