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  4. No. 108 Aug/02/2013

News Mails - 2013

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News Mail No. 108 Aug/02/2013


  • 1. News on APRSAF: APRSAF Side Event - call for proposals to close soon
  • 2. News on APRSAF: NL15 published
  • 3. News from APRSAF Community: CONNECT-Asia on SSAF2013
  • 4. HTV4 to launch and dock with ISS
  • 5. India's weather satellite, INSAT-3D, launched
  • 6. SBAS Interoperability WG held
  • 7. Event Calendar

* 1. News on APRSAF: APRSAF Side Event - call for proposals to close soon

As informed in the previous News Mail, the APRSAF Secretariat is
accepting proposals for an APRSAF Side Event to be conducted during the
APRSAF-20 annual session. The deadline for submission of proposals is
Monday, August 5, 2013.

For further information, including the guidelines for side events and a
request form, please refer to "APRSAF Side Event" (the second item from
the bottom of the page) on the following website:

* 2. News on APRSAF: NL15 published

APRSAF Newsletter No. 15 has been published and is now available for
viewing/downloading on the APRSAF website:

This issue includes information on APRSAF-20, APRSAF activity reports
(SAFE & CR3 workshop, Space Education Seminar in Cambodia, SSAF2013,
APRSAF presentations at UNCOPUOS, and ExCom report) and a message from
the APRSAF Community (delivered by JAXA's new president).

Those who have already subscribed for the APRSAF Newsletter will
receive the printed copy shortly. If you have not yet registered and
wish to receive our newsletter from the next issue, please fill in the
subscription form available in the link below:

* 3. News from APRSAF Community: CONNECT-Asia on SSAF2013

On July 22, 2013 an interactive e-learning session on SSAF2013 (Space
Seeds for Asian Future 2013), an APRSAF space experiment project for
educational purpose, was organized by CONNECT-Asia (Collaboration for
Network-eNabled Education, Culture, Technology and Sciences), whose
project donor is UNESCO. Students and researchers participated in the
session that introduced SSAF2013 and relooked at the previous event,
SSAF2011-2012, in Indonesia and Malaysia.

ANGKASA (in Malay)

* 4. HTV4 to launch and dock with ISS

On August 4, 2013, an H-IIB launch vehicle from the JAXA Tanegashima
Space Center will launch Japan's H-II Transfer Vehicle, HTV4. HTV4 is
scheduled to dock with the ISS on August 10.

The transfer vehicle HTV4 will carry Azuki seeds for the APRSAF
educational space experiment project, SSAF2013 and PicoDragon, a
cubesat jointly developed by Vietnam National Satellite Center, the
University of Tokyo, and IHI AerospaceCo., Ltd. The PicoDragon is one of
the four cubesats to be deployed from the Japanese Experiment Module,

HTV special website

* 5. India's weather satellite, INSAT-3D, launched

On July 26, 2013, India's weather satellite, INSAT-3D, was successfully
launched by Ariane-5 launch vehicle, from Kourou, French Guiana. The
satellite is now reaching its final geostationary orbit.

INSAT-3D is equipped with four payloads: Imager, Sounder, Data Relay
Transponder, and the Satellite Aided Search & Rescue payload. The
Imaging and Atmospheric Sounding systems will provide improved weather
monitoring capabilities when compared with India's previous weather
satellites, KALPANA and INSAT-3A.

ISRO Press Release
INSAT-3D Brochure (PDF, 671KB)

* 6. SBAS Interoperability WG held

The Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) Interoperability Working
Group (IMG) was held from June 25 to 27 in St Petersburg, Russia.

There are three SBAS in operation now: Europe's Geostationary Navigation
Overlay Service (EGNOS), Japan's Multi-functional Satellite Augmentation
System (MSAS), and the US Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS). In
addition, two more systems - the Roscosmos-designed System of
Differential Correction and Monitoring (SDCM), and India's GPS and
Geo-Augmented Navigation (GAGAN) system - are under development.

The working group agreed to the use of common SBAS message based on
dual-frequency multiconstellation (DFMC) signals from up to four
navigation systems: GPS, Galileo, Compass, and Glonass after 2020, as
more navigation systems are expected to be commissioned in the future.

ESA Navigation News

* 7. Event Calendar

- Multi-GNSS environment for sustainable development
(9-13 September 2013, Hoi An, Vietnam)

- 64th International Astronautical Congress
(23-27 September 2013, Beijing, China)

- APSCC 2013 Satellite Conference & Exhibition
(24-26 September 2013, Hong Kong)

- Asia Geospatial Forum
(24-26 September 2013, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

- 13th Australian Space Science Conference
(30 September ? 2 October 2013, Sydney, Australia)

- ACRS 2013
(20-24 October 2013, Bali, Indonesia)

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