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This page is to provide monthly information to introduce a space expert,projects and cultural background about space agencies and their countries that join the Asia-Pacific Space Communication Center.This time,we would like to introduce to you Mongolia which hosted APRSAF-5 in July, 1998.

National Remots Sensing Center (NRSC)

What is NRSC

The National Remote Sensing Center (NRSC), Mongolia was established in 1991under the State Comittee of Nature and Environment Control. It was in response to the UN Programme on Peaceful Use of Space and the Regional Space Application Programme (RESAP), which was launched under the ESCAP.
The main responsibility of the NRSC was the coordination of Mongolian Remote Sensing activities within the framework of RESAP and development of various multilateral cooperation between Space Agencies of other countries.
The NRSC is changing its primary responsibility of being only coordinating agency to a organization, which would like to be bridge between institutions, between space agencies. The NRSC is not only administrative unit, it is also research and information service organization.
This center is providing strong activities in such areas like environmental database, natural hazard monitoring , land cover monitoring.

Space Expert Main Projects Cultural Background

S Khudulmur
Director of Information and Computer Centre National Remote Sensing Centre, Mongolia Remote Sensing Activities in Mongolia Welcome to Mongolia

M Erdenetuya
Remote Sensing Specialist of Information and Computer Centre National Remote Sensing Centre, Mongolia


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