Mr. Chris Lee

Head of International Partnerships

Chris graduated from the University of Leicester in 1980 with a Master’s degree in Experimental Space Science and joined British Aerospace where he worked on programmes that included the Hubble Space Telescope, the Halley’s comet interceptor, Giotto, and Europe’s largest environmental monitoring satellite, Envisat. He was also responsible for developing a new business focused on the use of satellite meteorological data and later (through a business role at UK space technology specialist, SCISYS), he broadened his expertise to include satellite telecommunications and navigation programmes as well as planetary exploration.

In January 2014 Chris was invited to join the newly formed UK Space Agency as Head of their International Space Partnership team, addressing bi-lateral relationships with other Space Agencies and promoting space export and inward investment in collaboration with other Government Departments. He is the Agency delegate to IAF, UNCOPUOS and the ESA International Relations Committee.

Chris is a passionate advocate of Space for Sustainable Development and leads a team at UK Space Agency directed with developing and promoting the role satellite data services to transform the lives of citizens around the globe.

Chris has also been the UKSA Board Member of the International Charter “Space and Major Disasters” and chaired the organisation from April to Oct 2017.