Mr. Abdulla Al Marar

Space Technology Senior Specialist, Department of Space Missions

Eng. Abdulla Almarar is an expert managing the area of Space Technology at the UAE Space Agency (UAESA), where he identifies and develops technological capabilities to support programs and missions.

Eng. Almarar joined the UAE Space Agency shortly after its establishment in 2014 as Space Technology Senior Specialist in the Space Mission Directorate.

His responsibilities include developing space mission program objectives and requirements, developing the program budgets, and recommending new capabilities to support current and future missions in the UAE Space Agency. He also coordinates with all stakeholders involved in Space missions and programs to ensure successful execution. He has actively participated in critical milestone reviews where he was responsible for assessing progress, issues, risks and provided essential recommendations.

He is a member of the mechanical team at Emirates Mars Mission (Hope Probe), the first exploration mission from MENA region, and the Project Manager of MeznSat, the UAESA’s first Scientific CubeSat detecting Methane & CO2 emissions over the UAE.

Eng. Abdulla Almarar worked in the United Arab Emirates Airforce and Air Defense spending more than five years working on several aerospace & defense projects.

Eng. Almarar holds a BSc in Aerospace Engineering and a Masters degree in Aviation Industry Management from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Australia.