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Poster Contest Calendar for 2016

This calendar is published by the Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum (APRSAF) Space Education Working Group, which encourages the use of space materials to enhance education for young people and aims to stimulate intellectual curiosity and passion of young people through their involvement in space activities.

The drawings and paintings presented in this calendar were selected from entries from children ages 8 to 11 for the tenth APRSAF Poster Contest, held under the theme, “Careers in Space,” and displayed during the twenty-second session of APRSAF, held in Indonesia in December 2015.

APRSAF Space Education Working Group proudly presents the creative artwork of children in Asia and the Pacific.

You are welcome to produce copies of this calendar and distribute them to parties who may be interested in them.

The theme of the twenty-third APRSAF Poster Contest will be “My Dream Planet”.


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