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Space Environment Utilization Working Group

SEU WG proposed outline (PDF)

Dr. S. Seetha, ISRO
Mr. Fumiaki Tanigaki, JAXA

<Day 1> November 14, 2017

Introduction and Country Reports
9:00 Opening Remarks Co-Chairs
9:10 Review of SEUWG Recommendations from APRSAF-23 Mr. Kazuo Umezawa, JAXA
SEU Country Report
9:20 Kibo Space Experiment Activities in Japan Mr. Kyoichi Arakane, AES
Mr. Fumiaki Tanigaki, JAXA
9:35 Update status of Indonesian space activities Ms. Clara Y. Yatini, LAPAN
9:50 Space Environment and Utilization Activities in Malaysia 2017 Mr. Helmy Hashim, ANGKASA
10:05 Space Environment Utilization Activities in the Philippines Dr. Rogel Mari Sese, DOST
10:20 Thailand Space Science Experiment & Exploration Ms. Napasorn Jongjittanon, GISTDA
10:35 Updates from Singapore Ms. Jermaine Tan, SSTA
10:50 VNREDSat-1 and Space Technology in Vietnam Mr. Nguyen Tuan Dat, STI
11:05 Photo Session / Coffee Break
Host Country Session
11:20 Overview of SEU Activities in India Dr. S. Seetha, ISRO
11:35 Ionization Density and Electric field Analyzer (IDEA) Experiment for Probing near Earth Space Environment onboard PSLV Dr. Manju G., SPL
Build-up and Release of Sunspot Magnetic
Ms. Heta A. Patel, KSV - CANCELED
Study of Characteristics of ICME in 23 Solar Cycle Ms. Dipali Burud Sadashiv, KSV - CANCELED
Space Environment: High Energy Radiation Dose from Solar Flare Ms. Sneha Chaudhan, KSV - CANCELED
11:50 Study of Solar Flares Associated with CMEs Affecting the Geosphere Ms. Veena Manohar Choithani, KSV
12:05 Adjourn
Small Satellite Special Session (Joint with ST-WG)
Co-Chairs: Dr. M. Annadurai, ISRO and Mr. Kazuo Umezawa, JAXA
14:15 Opening Remarks Co-Chairs
Launching Opportunities for Small Satellites
14:20 Small Satellite Deployment Platform using ISS/Kibo Mr. Kunihiro Matsumoto, JAXA
14:35 Overview of PSLV for Launching Small Satellite from India Mr. D. Radhakrishnan Antrix, ISRO
On-Going Projects
14:50 DIWATA-1: Philippine's First Earth-Observation Microsatellite Mr. Delburg Mitchao, PHL-MICROSAT Program
15:05 Activity of International Small Satellite Development in Kyutech (AOBA-VELOX 4, SPATIUM, and BIRDS) Prof. Sangkyun Kim, Kyutech
15:20 UBAKUSAT Dr. Ali Baygeldi, Ministry of Transport Maritime and Communication, Turkey
15:35 Introduction of JAXA Education Programs on Test Technologies for Space Vehicle Design verification Dr. Qinzhong, Shi, JAXA
15:50 Photo Session / Coffee break
Planning and Developing Projects
16:20 LesaSat Dr. Sasit Chuasomboon, LESA
16:35 SpooQy-1 Ms. Jermaine Tan, SSTA
16:50 Progress of MYSat: A 1U CubeSat for Electron-Density Measurement Mr. Helmy Hashim, ANGKASA
17:05 Progress Report of Surya Satellite-1, the First Nanosatellite Made by Indonesian Student Dr. Emanuel Sungging Mumpuni, LAPAN
Other Effort for Capacity Building (through Small Sat Activities)
17:20 Capacity Building in Small Satellite - ISRO Initiative Mr. G. Nagesh, ISRO
17:35 KARI International Space Training Ms. Eun Jun Lee, Head of External Relations Team, KARI
17:50 Adjourn

<Day 2> November 15, 2017

Material Exposure and Microgravity
Co-Chairs: Dr. S. Seetha, ISRO and Mr. Fumiaki Tanigaki, JAXA
9:00 Review of Day 1 Co-Chairs
"Kibo" Utilization Opportunities
9:10 Overview of Kibo Utilization Platform Mr. Kunihiro Matsumoto, JAXA
Material Exposure Experiment Projects
9:30 Turkish ExHAM Project Dr. Bulent Alicioglu, ASELSAN
9:45 Malaysian ExHAM Project Mr. Helmy Hashim, ANGKASA
Microgravity Experiment Projects
  Technology Development for Cultivating Life in Space Dr. Bushra Jarullah, KSV - CANCELED
10:00 Effects of Hypergravity on Haematopoietic Development in the Zebrafish. Dr. Senthil Kumar H., VIT Univ.
10:15 Growth of Quasicrystals aboard Indian Microgravity Platform (SRE-I) Dr. S.C. Sharma, ISRO
10:30 Coffee Break
Other Opportunities
11:00 United Nations Cooperation Activities on Human Space Technology Dr. Aimin Niu, UNOOSA
11:15 An Element for Interior Space Environment Sustainability within Space Ship for Human Mr. Md. Nazmus Sadat, Pabna University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh
11:30 Business from Space Science Research All (Led by Mr. Paritat Theanthong, NSTDA)
11:45 Wrap up - Review of Recommendations and Action Items Co-Chairs
12:30 Adjourn


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