2. Annual Meetings
  3. APRSAF-22
  4. Space Environment Utilization Working Group


Space Environment Utilization Working Group Session

SEU WG proposed outline (PDF)

LAPAN: Ms. Clara Y. Yatini
JAXA: Mr.Jun Gomi

<Day 1>   December 1, 2015

Time Program items Country Presenter/Moderator
9:00-9:05 Opening of the Session by Co-chairs Indonesia and Japan Co-chairs
9:05-9:15 Review of SEU APRSAF-21 Recommendations Japan JAXA:JEM Utilization Center
Ms. Yoshimi Osada
General exchange of views on SEU activities: Country Report
9:15-9:35 Kibo activity report Japan JAXA:JEM Utilization Center
Mr.Fumiaki Tanigaki
9:35-9:55 Space - Related Activity in Indonesia 2015 Indonesia LAPAN: Ms. Fitri Nuraeni
9:55-10:15 Malaysia Microgravity Program 2015 Malaysia ANGKASA: Mr.Helmy Hashim
10:15-10:35 Space Research and Development in the Philippines Philippines NSDP/Regulus Space Tech
Dr.Rogel Mari Sese
10:35-10:50 Coffee Break
10:50-11:10 KARI’s Activities in 2015 for Space Environment Utilization Research Republic of Korea KARI
Ms. Eun-Jung Lee
11:10-11:30 GISTDA's Space Environment Utilization Road Map Thailand GISTDA
Dr.Ammarin Pimnoo
11:30-11:50 Space environment research activities of Vietnam Vietnam VAST/STI
Ms. Trang Nguyen
Towards Kibo experiment
11:50-12:10 Preparation of Indonesia Banana Experiment at KIBO Indonesia Institut Teknologi Bandung, ITB
Dr. Rizkita Esyanti/Dr. Fenny M. Dwiyani
12:10-12:30 Application of metabolomics for discrimination and sensory predictive modeling of food products Japan Osaka University
Dr.Sastia Putri
12:30-13:30 Lunch Break
13:30-13:40 Photo Session
Small satellite deployment from Kibo/ISS
13:40-14:00 Development of Nano satellite for Education in Indoneisa Indonesia Surya University
Dr. Riza Muhida
14:00-14:20 Small satellites deployment mission from "Kibo"
<JSSOD: Small Satellite Orbital Deployment from ISS/Kibo>
Japan JAXA:JEM Mission Operations and Integration Center
Mr.Hiroki Akagi
14:20-14:40 Coffee Break
ExHAM and material research at Kibo/ISS
14:40-15:10 Kibo Exposure Experiment
<ExHAM: Exposed Experiment Handrail Attachment Mechanism>
Japan JAXA:JEM Mission Operations and Integration Center
Mr.Hideyuki Watanabe
15:10-15:40 Usability and Materials for International Space Station Experiment all Moderator:JAXA Mr.Watanabe, Mr.Fukuda
Space Medicine
15:40-16:10 ISS as a test-bed for human space exploration Japan JAXA:Space Biomedical Research Group
MDr.Tadashi Murai
Summary for Day 1
16:10-17:00 Confirm summary, Draft recommendations and Action item review all Co-chairs

<Day 2>   December 2, 2015

Time Program items Country Presenter/Moderator
9:00-9:05 Review of Day 1, program modification Indonesia
and Japan
Space Law
9:05-9:25 Space treaties and IGA Japan Tokyo University
Ms.Motoko Uchitomi
Commercial Utilization
9:25-9:45 Commercial Protein Crystal Growth (C-PCG) Services on the ISS Japan Japan Space Forum
Mr.Susumu Yoshitomi
Experiment Budget Funding
9:45-10:05 Introduction to external funding and user fees
Topics include acquisition of research funds and sponsorship.
Japan JAXA:Mr. Yoshiya Fukuda
10:05-10:35 Discussion all Co-chairs
10:35-10:50 Coffee Break
Summary for SEU
10:50-12:00 Confirm summary, recommendation and actions all Co-chairs