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Space Technology Working Group

ST WG proposed outline (PDF)

Dr. Rika Andiarti, Deputy Chairman for Aerospace Technology Affairs, National Institute of Aeronautics and Space of Indonesia (LAPAN), Indonesia
Mr. Yasuo Nakamura, Senior Advisor to the Executive Director, Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS), JAXA, Japan

<Day 1>   December 1, 2015

Time Title Speakers
Opening Session
9:00 - 9:05 Remarks by the Co-Chairs Dr. Rika Andiarti (LAPAN)
Mr. Yasuo Nakamura (JAXA)
9:05 - 9:10 General Introduction and Guidance of STWG Co-chairs
9:10 - 9:20 Space Activities in Indonesia: Now and Future Dr. Rika Andiarti, Deputy Chairman
for Aerospace Technology Affairs, LAPAN
I. Small Satellites - Road maps and Strategy, Advanced and Innovative Technologies, Missions and Payloads:
9:20 - 9:40 Trends in Small Satellite Technologies and Applications: 2015 Dr. Takashi Hiramatsu, Project Senior Assistant Professor, Graduate School of System Design and Management (SDM), KEIO University, Japan
9:40 - 10:00 Present Status of Environmental Testing Standard for Small-scale Satellite (Lean Satellite) Dr. Hirokazu Masui, Assistant Professor,
Laboratory of Spacecraft Environment Interaction Engineering
Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan
10:00 - 10:20 Nanosatellites: Affordable Capability Development, and a Roadmap to Tomorrow's Applications Mr. Robin Harry Peter Sampson,
Business Development, Clyde Space, UK
10:20 - 10:40 Updates on the Design and Implementation of Diwata-1, the Philippines' first Microsatellite for Scientific Earth Observation Ms. Kaye Kristine Vergel, Graduate Student,
Dept. of Cosmoscience, Hokkaido Univ., Japan
& Mr. Izrael Zenar Casople Bautista, Research Associate, Institute of Electronics Engineering University of the Philippines
10:40 - 11:00 Coffee Break
11:00 - 11:20 Introduction to TeLEOS-1 1st Commercial Near Equatorial Earth Observation Satellite Mr. Bernard Tay, Space Systems Business Group, ST Electronics (Satcom & Sensor Systems) Pte Ltd , Singapore
11:20 - 11:40 An Attitude Determination and Control System Simulator for Nano/Micro-Satellites Development Dr. Huy Xuan Le, Head, Space Systems Design,
Vietnam National Satellite Center (VNSC), Vietnam
11:40 - 12:00 Technology Demonstration Scheme for Japanese Space Industries - How can we adopt hew products on satellites?- Mr. Hideshi Kagawa, Manager,
Innovative Satellite Technology Demonstration Group, JAXA
12:00 - 13:15 Lunch Break
II. Engineering Management
a) Panel Session on "SE, PM and Quality Control"
13:15 - 13:20 Introduction to the Panel STWG Co-chairs
13:20 - 13:35 Systems Engineering and Engineering Management in JAXA Dr.Takanori Iwata
Director, Chief Engineer Office, JAXA
13:35 - 13:45 Engineering and Program Management Standards for Space Project Mr.Masayuki Ikeuchi, Manager, Senior Engineer,
Safety and Mission Assurance Department, JAXA
13:45 - 13:55 Mr. Akito Tateoka, Deputy Leader,
Asia-Pacific Aerospace Quality Group (APAQG) Space Forum
13:55 - 14:05 Mr. Low Eng Siang
Asia-Pacific Aerospace Quality Group (APAQG) Space Forum
14:05 - 14:20 Q & A, Discussion
b) Test Facilities
14:20 - 14:40 Environmental test facility and test effectiveness Dr. Qinzhong Shi, Senior Scientist, Associate Fellow,
Environmental Test Technology Unit, JAXA
14:40 - 15:00 Coffee Break
III. Space Debris Mitigation
15:00 - 15:20 World Trend and Japan’s Activities for Debris Mitigation of Launch Vehicle Mr. Yasuhiro Saito, Associate Senior Researcher, Research Unit IV, Research and Development Directorate, JAXA
15:20 - 15:40 International Scientific Optical Network
in the Asia-Pacific Region
Mr. Igor Molotov
Senior Scientific Researcher, Ballisit Center, Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
15:40 - 16:00 Improving Space Situational Awareness
with ComSpOC
Ms. Melissa Savage Honaker, Systems Engineer, Asia-Pacific
& Middle East, Analytical Graphics, Inc., Singapore
16:00 - 16:10 International Seminar
Aerospace Science and Technology
Dr. Heri Budi Wibowo
Chairman, ISAST 2016
16:10 - 16:30 Summary of Day 1

<Day 2>   December 2, 2015

Time Title Speakers
Opening Session for Day-2
9:00 - 9:05 Report of Day 1 Co-chairs
III. Space Debris Mitigation (Continued)
9:05 - 9:25 A Private Company's Solution to Implement Space Debris Removal Service. Mr. Nobu Okada
9:25 - 9:45 Active Debris Removal Related Research Activities at JAXA Ms. Satomi Kawamoto, Senior Researcher, Research Unit II, Research and Development Directorate, JAXA
IV. Applications for Space Technology
9:45 - 10:05 The Implementation of Automatic Identification System (AIS) in Indonesia Mr. Sigit Jatiputro, GM Innovation & Research Development,
PT. PSN, Indonesia
10:05 - 10:25 From Aid Recipient to Donor in Space Technology Mr. Sundong Park, CEO & Executive Chairman,
Satrec Initiative Co. Ltd., Republic of Korea
10:25 - 10:45 Update on NASA GPS Applications
for Space Operations and Science
Mr. James Miller
Deputy Director, Policy and Strategic Communications (PSC),
Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN), NASA, USA
10:45 - 11:00 Coffee Break
V. Launch and Experiment Opportunities
11:00 - 11:20 Small Satellite Launch Opportunities Mr. Naoto Matsuura
Director, New Enterprise Promotion Center, JAXA
11:20 - 11:40 An Equatorial Space Launch Facility for the Asia-Pacific Region Mr. Scott Wallis
CEO, Equatorial Launch Australia, Australia
11:40 - 12:00 India's Experience in Small Satellites including Micro Satellites from Universities Dr. P.G. Diwakar
Deputy Director, National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC),
Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), India
TBD Group Photo
12:00 - 13:30 Lunch Break
VI. Special Session "Capacity-Building Efforts and Promoting Collaboration"
13:30 - 15:30 Discussion Session

Moderated by Prof. Shinichi Nakasuka, University of Tokyo, Japan

  • Prof. Hiroaki Akiyama, Wakayama University, Japan
  • Mr. Heru Triharjanto, LAPAN, Indonesia
  • Mr. Vu Viet Phuong , VNSC, Vietnam
  • Mr. George Maeda, Kyusyu Institute of Technology (KYUTEC), Japan
15:30 - 15:45 Coffee Break
Wrap-up of the STWG
15:45 - 16:30 Overall discussion and future work/
Closing of the Session


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